Saturday, January 9, 2010

A wonderful painting but no other then my best friend allisons chulnik- a lovely lady who lived up the staires of this newly reno'ed appartment i was living in for the 5th decade of my life. She had a green kitchen, something i've always admired. She had a library, though she never actually called it a library, just a room of books. But coincidently you could also call that a library, so it makes sense that she did.

I met her while walking down the staires on my usual 630 am walks/stroll around the block. See, i dont really like bragging, but i do more or less consider myself a explorer of sorts. I explored vast lands in my youth and my neighbourhood has been a pretty interesting scene lately.

Persian princes, men in black, men with beards, things that don't make sense and dutch men seem to be the scene -If ya know what i mean.

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Emma & Sarah said...

isn't this painting off ffffound??