Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mortimer! I hope you are feeling better this morning, or at least got some sleep and is sleeping in! Secret note, you should check out Evening Primrose oil ;)

On a side note, have you watched the cousines video from Vampire weekend? I have, like six times, and it's really nice. Like ten minutes ago i was searching for this video to post on the blog and i found this shitish quality one on this music blog, and descided naw, i'll find a better one, i know i could, or at least i think i could. And lone and behold youtube saved my life. Except not really, so i'll find you the video anyways.

So i really like this video.

And i really like the following comic, just because, when cartier sent to yonder, (yonder being me) i laughed out loud-

heres the link to the comic:

Anyways, hope you are having fun at university right now, right now im drinking sugary tea and listening to my mom say how nice it is not having to start a fire everytime it went out for my crazy gma, who expected a warm house ALWAYS.

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