Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanks Shark... looking brighter today, especially with that comic. Although I'd have to say in Deborah's position I'd prolly do the same thing. I mean word art with corpses? Can you spell crazy? Anyways two minutes ago my friend Evan knocked on the door and told me that her dog had just been put down... so now there is the theory that our hallway is cursed, especially since the girl right next door has a dog with terminal cancer. I think we know how this story will end. Besides all this we went out for dinner to this awesome pasta place tonight and basically made sex jokes about the bus boy the whole time. Definetly "model hot" as Mr. Bey would say.And to add to the spending spree, I bought Herodotus' Histories from the book store for half the original price, which means that I am officially broke and will have to get a job tomorrow if I want to be able to pay tuition. Which I do.

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