Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm feeling kindof bleh right now.
I feel like swimming, but I also feel like hugging someone for ten minutes straight (which the intention in place, and no awkwardness at all). I also feel sad i guess in general. Ive been exposed to all sorts of media all day, the daily news paper, talk shows, news, radio- all talk of the same thing, the same thing being the shit going down in Haiti and the more i hear it in my ears, the more i wish i could do more then donate money. Maybe i could be a doctor and have already joined Doctors without Borders, or maybe be such a pressence that something can be happened as quickly as possible. All i'm saying is that in theory i rather be donating skills then money, for i such the first will be used better then i could hope. But i can't, so money it may be.

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