Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have to admit, that looks pretty gross

Yes, I am jealous of your homecooked meals (and your collection of eggplants) But I am a little confused by what exactly it is you're eating. And I can't really envision you as a vegetarian, really. There have been too many times when you've been like: "I just feel like goat right now..." and the rest of us have rolled our eyes. Who will take over the position of ecclectic-eater?? And I was flipping through channels the other day and landed on 90210- guess who was referenced?! Jonathan Safran-Fracking-Foer! On pop. TV! So you will understand if everything I write doesn't make sense because I am busy scraping the ooze off the walls.

In other news I ran into Zoola and her friend Jethro (real name- hilarious) and she was in one of her brisk/agressive moods and sat really far away on the bus and didn't talk except to tell me to come see her play- which I have already seen. SO. Not too impressed with her.

Also tonight I had orange-ginger stirfry with extra veggies because the guy making it was nice. Not to mention a-ok looking. (Maybe should go for a job serving stirfrys?)

I have a knitting problem too. I keep adding on stiches by accident without realizing it. What the hell is happening?

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