Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mortimer, this is what my family is eating tonight.

You know, the more and more i read " Eating Animals" By Jonathan Safran Foer, the more i realize that being vegetarian wouldnt be the end of the world. Sure it connects me to memories, memories that wouldnt be the same without the meat and the people eating meat, but because we have all formed our memories around that sort of thing, animals are paying with it. Because there are too many of us, there are too many of pigs and poultry suffering to meet the demands and money flowing.

I guess what I really want, is if i'm going to be eating the flesh of another, he or she should be only dead after a epic, heart felt battle, and my husband, who is a lookalike lumber jack, walking up the wood path with the animal over his shoulder, scratches over my mans face, and the pride! in the dead animals eyes.

Mortimer, you'll get this book before i leave (don't worry!) and i think you'll be feeling the same way

Oh and for your mental note, the day that i'm talking of, still hasnt arrived.

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