Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wounded Mother I`ll Never See

Shark, if I were there I would give you a ten minute hug. Meanwhile I'm stuck in Victoria. Going to a political rally today to protest Steven Harper's sweaters. Or something like that. And late last night I couldn`t sleep so I went on Omegle, and right in the middle of this convo about British politics with this nice boy from England, he asked me if I was horny. It has never occured to me that Margret Thatcher might turn anyone on, but there we go. Apparently I`m asexual+ immun to that kind of stuff.

I feel the same way about Haiti, man. All I can do at this point is sit behind a bakesale table because at this point I don't even have money to offer.

And the picture above? That's the three of us. Zoola and I on respective ends. Shark in the middle with all her hair piled on top. And some squeez in the background mackin' on that poor little boy. That's totally how you hold a camera anyways Shark. I`ve never understood your one-handed magic

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