Friday, March 11, 2016

Once you start listening for the backbeat to this song in other tunes, you will find it everywhere

I have an interview with MacBride Mining Museum on Wednesday, and Brent Sass is leading the Iditarod. All is right with the world. Was reluctant to jump on the fandom train, but this guy. Really. Dropping one-liners that would be ludicrously cheesy coming from anyone else (ex. "PAIN IS JUST AN OPTION!"), but somehow you really feel that he believes them. Plus, his dad is just about the biggest sweetheart in the world.
Mushing is one of the few sports in the world where you can freely rub shoulders with the biggest superstars in the game (although, of course, they will attack you if you try to rub shoulders with their dogs). Where your friend can get drunkenly hit on by a certain 1000-mile race champion (not naming any names) who then manages to pack all 13 of his sled dogs into the scuzziest bar in town. And everyone just keeps sipping at their pints the whole while.

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