Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In the Mood to Strut

All this milk talk definitely has me craving pancakes. Preferably banana. With cinnamon. I was looking through my hiking cookbooks today for delicious Juan de Fuca recipes. Found a few, but they are mostly of the "dehydrate this for seventeen hours" variety.

The Big Dog, The Big Man and I all had a little adventure out to Kusawa Lake today. I wish I had a photo to show you, but my camera charger has gone awol. ***king incredible mountains out that way. This badly-behaved Airedale terrier ignored the frantic calls of his owners and bounded over to greet Chaos with far too much enthusiasm. Being an old, strong-willed husky, Chaos promptly tried to eat him, leading to ever louder cries from across the lake. This guy finally yelled over that if I just let my dog off leash, everything would be fine. I didn't capitulate as witnessing a bloodbath would have definitely ruined the day. The dogs above are from the YQ Carmacks checkpoint. Hordes of small schoolchildren descended on the checkpoint and were shunted into the care of an enthusiastic veterinarian from New York.

There have been an incredible amount of elk hanging out on the bluffs behind our cabin for the past few days. Yesterday at dinnertime I watched four of them bound wildly in a straight line across the cliffs, like something in a repetitive cartoon. When I turn on the generator, all twenty-something of them turn to stare down into the valley simultaneously.

Still don't have a job, and it's leading to increased guilt and anxiety on the daily. But at least I spend a lot of time outside.

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