Thursday, March 24, 2016

hanging out, unsure of what i am exactly doing today.

Hey guys, hope your exciting hiking trip goes as planned.

Bad news, my favourite cat- Snickerdoodles is lost in the wilderness. I'm on a computer right now, creating an abstract but eye catching poster to put up around the neighbourhood. Hopefully she's just kicking it, being a little shit head, and making my little heart worry for nothing.

I'm unsure of what my daily steps are going to be, I might just take a really long walk into town or opposite- I'm actually in Victoria- staying cute and forever unsure. Any tips of where to go or what to do, and hopefully it happens in the next hours- text me up girls!

Few days ago, I finally taught myself how to crochet- I've been making buckets of dishtowels ( if you happen to see me before this trends stops, you might be able to get one ;). I think the fact that I started to crochet really created the situation of me chatting with a lady with no name, at the ferry terminal a few days ago- we talked for almost 45 minutes about knitting, crochet and world events- all because i chose to teach myself a relatively small skill. Here's to you lady-who-was-picking-up-her-two-grandchildren-but-the-ferry-was-45-minutes-late.

Take care, and be safe!

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