Saturday, August 15, 2015


I have to work in like 5 so this is probably not the best time to start on this but so what.
I wrote you another letter Laura, but making my way to the post office on a Monday or a Friday before noon is almost impossible around here- only days post office is open, need to buy a stamp.
So Mike is working here at the lodge too now. We live in a trailer down the hill from the main building with our roommate Mike, a fishing guide and the son of the owners, and 20 chickens. Our room smells weird but it may be because the carpet has never ever been vacuumed, or it may be because of racoon piss, as Mike says. But like, what does racoon piss even smell like?
This is definetely a guy place.
We have two new WWOOOFers here now from Chile, replacing one from Amsterdam and two from Germany. That's basically how my summer has been- in cycles of new friends. I'm going to miss thesse two but man, I had nothing in common with the German girl and she was the only one I really could have hung out with in my spare time, since the guys are on a different work schedule. I have never met anyone who was so slow to move and slow to understand what was going on. 19 I guess though, and living life entirely in a different language must be tough.
I will be out of here and back to the big city in a couple weeks, which will be the strangest part of my year, probably. Since I haven't seen a traffic light since my last day off (in July)
I will be in Parksville for a couple days to regroup and get my stuff then off to live in Vancouver with a 30 year old chef with two cats. I guess I will have to adapt to that way of life. It's going to be especially hard to say goodbye to Mike after this month that we're spending together. This really drunk guy the other night was like   "You two seem like you really love each other, it's inspiring"
Kind of nice. We will see what happens.
Gotta go/

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