Saturday, May 30, 2015

Too much party scene, too much Charlie Sheen

Woke up this morning to a continuous storm. After weeks of procrastinating because the weather has been so beautiful, I have missed the chance to waterproof my tent. The raft that is anchored out on the lake for almost exclusive use by an army of ducks has fought its way loose, and there are various pairs of waterfowl paddling around looking lost.

I have a million and a half things to do today and no desire to do any of them. Clean the car. Pack everything I need for the next three months into a duffel bag and a dry sack. Wash piles of clothes. Break into Kory's Clash of Clans account and destroy it utterly. I used to laugh at women who complained about their partner's addiction to cell phone or video games (it could be worse, yes?), but now I get it. 100% on board with these fellow sufferers.

Do you guys ever get this sick feeling that you are forever destined to be poor? I heard this morning that a girl a year younger than me is in her 4th year of medical school (not sure if I believe that. The years don't really add up) and her longtime partner is a trainee helicopter pilot. And you kind of think to yourself, shit. Where the hell are the life skills that I was promised? 

So, yes. We're driving north tomorrow and should be in Whitehorse the evening of the first. I got your letter, Ritch, so I'll write back to you from there. Maybe we will camp at Boya Lake?

Yeah, I think I could handle that.

Hope you are both well and beautiful.

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