Saturday, February 14, 2015

here's dedicated to you Rolla.

Hey bums, how was the day today? On my end, it's been pretty good. The sun was in full power, guess who walked to work WITHOUT A JACKET. I met with our friend Tyson for breakfast. It felt funny having him as my morning hangout, (I felt i was stealing this supposed time from Demeina!) but regardless, it was great seeing the guys face. We ate at Gary's and stuffed our faces with bennys. I hope one day they add a bit more natural light to that restaurant. It's so dark and .... maybe cozy is the right word, but it felt odd as a breakfast pick. 

I continued on and then went to work. That also wasn't bad. This old, old old man, who use to be a pilot of sorts, and whose been blessed to travel to 30 something countries, came up and tried to impress me with his spanish, dutch and chinese. He called me beautiful in Chinese actually. It was cute, but awkward- since his wife was in the back of the store just minding her own business. But regardless man, you made me smile.

Now it's the evening, and I have abosolutely nothing to do. Ty-man invited me over, but I'm hoping if I don't go over he might be cute with his doe. Maybe call her, do something at least. That and I really don't feel like walking for a few hours for beers. 

Hope you guys are healthy and happy.  

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