Friday, January 30, 2015

Emma's Culture Update

One of those nights where you're sleepy by 5 so dinner is dry toast in bed and my room-mates are napping anyway so sue me.
I made it to Friday, am killing it at knitting with the wrong size needles, thank you.
Got the latest McSweeneys in the mail today, I think this is my last one from the subscription so the debate is whether to break down and renew. I think it takes me so long to read the issue, though, that it doesn't necessarily make sense to get them all. I'll invest in the gems maybe.
Also been tearing through this book about travelling the Trans-Siberian (always my dream, even after that movie came out). This is the fastest I've ever read any non-fiction book and it honestly might just have been because A Confederacy of Dunces was dragging me through the dirt. I think I am just the wrong age/ nationality for that business.
I am listening to a band that I saw open for the Deep Dark Woods. They were a bit mumble- y so I had one of them write the name in my notebook (shout out to Pabst for dat courage) and anyway he was awkward and apologetic and kinda cute but the dude standing next to us was like "Why not just buy some merch?!" which ruined the whole thing. I could have invited him outside to ess a jay with my delinquent high school friends but he escaped.
My hair is way too long right now, probably a disgrace. I keep pulling really long strands out of my shirt.
But of course my dearest darling keeps doing things like turning to me in the woods with sparkling eyes to say that my hair looks really good with the greens of the forest. Swoon.
Too bad he skipped Friday Night With Emma to meditate with his Nanaimo friends and sit in his friend's car. (Really good car stereo?) I can't complain seeing as I barely make it up there to see him, I've been volunteering my Saturdays away...
And I've been listening to that Gilmore Guys podcast, holy hell. It's just two guys talking about the show but it's hilarious. Plus they get their friends to sit in and it seems like all the girls they invite just hate the show. Although I should stop talking about it maybe, no one else seems as interested. "It's just really funny" doesn't sell or something.

The above is a pic of me entering a cave. Please note that the cave was about 5 meters deep and infested with cave crickets, which are terrifying. Please also note that I am so tanned. Wow. I just found that on Brett's old computer, which is now my computer.

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