Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm not that good at breathing in

Went for a short hike on the property of a pioneer. The park is closed for the winter and covered in about 3 inches of snow. I had forgotten that it is winter still. Myles' friend was there, long hair and beard the same colour as mine. When we were in the car driving to the park he was talking about his friend's graduation recital from the music department and said, "what day is it, the 16th?" And Myles had to gently tell him that no, it is March 2nd.
In the park the only sounds were the gurgling of the creeks running in every direction and the dripping of condensation from trees. We passed a couple wearing fleece jackets and tuques and kilts. They weren't wearing long socks or anything, just striding through the snow and fallen trees in their hiking boots and ankle socks.
Spent the day yesterday roaming downtown looking for a birthday present for my brother. It was snowing on and off and I ended up buying a bunch of little things for people I've been meaning to give gifts to for ages. So my paycheque is nearly washed up again.
And I'm dreading work a little bit tomorrow.
And I'm going to Calgary on Friday, gotta remember to figure out how to get to the airport from Langford. It's my grandmother's 80th that weekend and she will probably not be pleased with the crowds of us piling into her house. I am foreseeing cocktails and card games. I get to meet a whole bunch of babies. And a cousin.

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