Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Tyson

Screwed with the background. I hope you guys don't hate me. It's been a month since any real girl has posted in this blog and I'm thinking I should be the one to step up and take control. I work tomorrow at noon, and I just recently came into a new netbook cord- thus I'm taking advantage and writing a post.

How's life? Here on my end it's a mix. It's always a mix. But I'm pretty sure I'm feeling more good than bad. A couple weeks ago I started teach adult/senior marimba classes up at the bradley center, and it's been a super bucket of pure joy to be working with Forrest. Also, compared to last year- I'm feeling that our classes are a lot more on the game. We've been blowing through songs and teaching a new one almost every other class.

I kindof wish we had more kumbana marimba time, but I'm sure that's just me missing playing marimba with my friends and soon enough I'll be starting it all up again.

Other than that, I bought a bunch of new clothes. Been working not as much as I hoped and enjoying excellent sushi.

Hope that's suffice for a little catch up. Maybe I'll more later.

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