Friday, March 16, 2012

Had to make this big, just look at that water. If it wasn't 5 degrees outside, i would have been out there enjoying the good life.

True though, I would have been, just laying in the sun soaking it up, and not feeling as pale as I always do. But it wasn't the case, so as you can see I'm feeling pale. My legs, arms and face, all pale.

Other then that, nothing is up. Thinking of heading outside soon and cleaning up. I have secret plans of waking up at the brink of sunlight and sitting on the wood...connector of the stairs and create some art tomorrow morning too. Also! it's official, my skills are on a cd and for sale! 15 dollars. Actually, it was the band, but you knew what I meant.

Hope you are guys happy enjoying the parksville sun.

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