Sunday, March 4, 2012

Didn't Know How Long I Swam But I Figure It Was Miles!

Had lunch with my parents today, since it was the older bro's birthday on Thursday and they felt like doing the Family Sunday dig.
Anyway somehow the topic of conversation turned to how useful my skill set would be in a post-apocalyptical situation in which a great flood or some shit blew away all the world's modern technology. And I said "Yeah, I could flip your records for you."
I always forget how much my dad's way of speaking cracks me up. I wonder if I sound like him. It's like he goes out of his way to use words and terminology that no one else would ever use and then gets all offended and confused when we laugh at him. He was talking about how he had dairy the other week and it really messed with his "gut culture"- and all I could picture was Homer Simpson style beer bellies and bursting slacks and such the lot- but when he says "gut" he means stomach/ digestive organs. And then he started talking about that diet where you eat things according to your blood type, because apparently all the different blood types originated with a very specific way of life (which I find difficult to believe) Anyway, we 0- types are supposed to eat almost all meat and not a lot else. Isn't that convenient for him. Gives him a legitimate complaint when my mum serves up rice and beans for the 3rd night in a row. Besides "this isn't goddamn Mexico, where's the protein?!"
My brother has started dating a phys ed major. Enough said.
Remember when I was in NY last year? Took this picture in Times Square, straight up.
Someone seems to have agreed to let Bambi live upstairs. In my past experience, real people do not have that kind of cartoon voice, right?

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