Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Been Asleep For A Long Long Time.

Having a semi- productive day. Productive in terms of I'm getting things done that I've been whining about almost non-stop for about a month ish. Plus I painted this SC esque picture of a giant mouth and cheeks- nose is proving temperamental. Maybe one day you will see it. And say something like "Oh Emma, You're SO good at painting pictures of big ugly mouths!" And I will be flattered and blush modestly like a lady ought to.
That being said. I told this goth-o guy that I would write him a postcard so I am currently converting/recycling this paper that I have. Listening to this band called Wye Oak, which is sometimes verging on irksome. 
Other than that I am sitting here in my brand spanking merino wool toque dreaming of a day when my lips/nose/hands/feet will not be chapped beyond recognition. I will be going to school in an hour. Thinking I may go running after that. Well. 
And Sabo met some new people in the Bibliocafe so she will tell you that story when she sees you. I myself have heard the same story words at least 4 times already. 

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