Thursday, January 26, 2012

cream cheese and dijon mustard. what.

So far its been a great day. Except for that minor misshap in first class of the morning in which I smashed a mug and hysteria ensued. And the fact that I spent my architecture class glowering as my prof recaped how to read a textbook, how to access the image database we've all been using for 3+ years and everything we've learned so far in class in order to get out of actually giving a lecture. He seems to be really good at looking really dumb, that one.
Anyway. After all that I rushed across campus and up a flight of stairs to this light a breezy room in Clerihue where I discovered that my seminar was 9 boys to 7 girls. You know how many times I have been in a room with more boys than girls at UVic? NO TIMES. It was an incredible experience, let me tell you. The man sitting next to me had this heavy romantic accent and about 17 rings and seemed to know the answer to every single question. His eyelashes were so thick I'm wondering if he was able to see anything at all. I started this feud with a cardigan wearing so and so sitting diagonally across from me. Apparently he didn't like being corrected, so that the next time I made my own point he pretended not to hear. Don't ask me why I prefer to learn alongside men. It may be a sexest thing but I get so sick of women and their expressions of empathy sometimes that I forget that there are still guys out there who can make the single word "weapon" sound like some soda fountain treat of yore.
And then I ran into this guy that had spent his first anniversary at Marketas with his adorable "new" wife. And it was a little shocking to see my work world mixing with my school world. You get a little bit too used to having people pop in and out of your life working at a bed and breakfast. I think I am about 1/2 as friendly as I was to the guests when I first started.
I think the main reason why I am in a great mood is because it is both sunny and windy right now. My favourite combination.
Harkens back to those days when my mom would bundle us all into the car during a wind storm and we would drive down to the ocean and run around yelling into the wind. Also ferry rides. The epitome of being happy in the wind. 

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