Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mankind soon disposed of the large, the slow, and the tasty

Courtesy of Campaign Staff: Ryan Gosling.

A VERY IMPORTANT E-MAIL got moved into my junk folder, for some inexplicable reason. Luckily, a crisis was averted through Facebook. As addicting as social media is, it can occasionally come through in spades.

Um. Life continues on in The Great White North. My brother, mother, and myself all went snowshoeing today and found a gigantic spruce tree to shed needles all over our floor. I plan on topping it with a dead squirrel, no joke. Tomorrow, I'll be skiing with a grumpy 70-something Czech man, who was once a X-country coach. There will be yelling. There will be expletives, and some "Laura! You ski like ski like a STUPID!" So much for any silent, healing communion with nature. Also, I'll be looking after upwards of 30 sled dogs come Boxing Day. Excellent.

I know how you feel about the sleep thing. I'm just beginning to come out of hibernation, it's crazy. When I'm back in Vic and have a Dog, hopefully, we should begin running again. If I don't bump up the level of physical activity this semester, I'll slowly descend into some mild form of insanity.

For those of you intrigued by the photo up top, here is another Ryan Gosling Campaign Quote. If you happen to be under the age of 18, or are just naturally prudish, stop reading now.

"Hey, girl. I wish you were this three-week old data, so I could spend all night entering you."

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