Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was poor in love, I was poor in wealth, I was rich in evrything else

I think I'm beginning the slow descent into obesity, more like. Doesn't help that my mom made like 7 batches of cookies and then hid them. Periodically she pulls them out and says "ALLLLLLRIIIIIIGHT who wants a cookie??" (that woman is small but man can she project) and then we all grab a few.
Also been going for a minor hike everyday. Today we went to the old Morecroft camp, which used to be a Church-run kids camp and is now a regional park. Which means that they had to take out the massive cross that used to be right on the cliff face. Place still spooks me right out though. All these ancient cabins with the same curtains that they had 10 years ago. All looking at you through the trees, leery. I feel like something really bad happened there in the past. Even though all those ideas probably come from the ghost stories Abby's older sister told us when we were camping there in grade 3, in our mildewed sleeping bags in a cabin with no actual windows, just these canvas flap things that you closed up at night. That's a photo I took up there.
Tomorrow is Top Bridge. Former site of an actual bridge at sometime in the settlement era. Now lieu of a crappy metal suspension bridge and a pile of empties. In the summer, 14 year olds do back flips off the nose into Englishman River. That's probably how the English- man died, hey?

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