Friday, November 11, 2011

Too Dressed Up For YOUR FACE

I need a brain break. Been writing about Leonardo (cue the di Caprio jokes, someone on the bus did.) and flowers and locus amoenus and reading about breasts in cookery, in stupas, in cushions, in bowls, in childbirth, in Thailand.
May have totally forgotten the respectful half of today's biz-ness. Saw a pal on the bus all dressed up. She and her boyfriend were all decked out in wool formal wear and gum boots and going home after the canon ceremonies downtown. We talked about school work, about that new video game that everyone's raging on. Skygrim? Skytrain?  Anyway sounds a little freaky to me. I won't explain it cuz I'll get it wrong.
Anyway on the sched for tonight is non-stop incredible reading-writing combo act. Tomorrow I am cooking breakfast for 11, and serving it, and prepping it. By myself. A little nervous in here.
Oh, last night I saw Dan Mangan. Something about that guy makes me want to climb into his lap and give him a  lingering hug. Maybe because a lot of his songs are about rejection. And then he does something like climb the speakers to the highest point  on stage and thrash around a bit.
This song. Is the kind of song that makes ME want to climb something tall and thrash around. Or throw paint and tear off my clothes. Or mud wrestle.
You'll see.

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