Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too dressed up for the library

Today, this university campus is silent beyond belief. However, this didn't stop one girl from wandering up to the third floor and loudly discussing billing options on her cell phone, distracting the few occupants of the SILENT study area. Sheesh.

Enough negativity. Last night, the roommate and I went to see a movie, but got distracted and ended up playing pool downtown. We are both equally bad, so it was quite fun. Overheard the cashier/guy behind the counter complaining about his other job at Bluenotes, which is apparently located underneath a gym. "And when all those big strong guys are lifting weights and shit, I swear someday they're going to drop right through the ceiling!" That would be amusing, but it's unlikely. Can you imagine pairs of frightened eyes peering over stacks of plaster-covered clothing, while large, muscled men picked themselves up, bewildered, dumbbells still in hand? That's where exercise gets you, it's a dangerous thing.

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