Monday, November 21, 2011

Swamp Water

I am a big fan of Miranda July. Saw her first at a small exhibition for Third Wave Feminism at MoMA, although to call her a feminist is to cut out a whole lot of other things. She is the writer for the film 'The Future,' remember? About two 30 somethings in the midst of breakdowns as they contemplate the adoption of a cat? Anyway she also writes short stories, solid gold. I would check out is I were you. I have come to the realization that the artists/ writers/ film makers that I appreciate the most are the ones who take their Art seriously, but not necessarily themselves. Here she is.
Anyway, been peer editing. Having the usual problem, which is I find it hard to see "strengths" in papers. I may or may not be really mean and nasty. 
 Listening to peppy teen music from a bunch o' locals.

"Outer Space", starring Mary Pickford from Miranda July on Vimeo. Anyway that's my distraction for the evening. Gonna watch some Leni Riefenstahl later, nothing like Nazism to enforce a good night's sleep.

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