Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I really really love turkeys. wow do I ever

Bahahahahahaha. Remember this night?

Got a great message from a newfound friend, and an e-mail from my uncle. The friend talked about his aunt, and how her aversion to technology basically lands her in the dark ages and makes her irrelevant in today's society. This sprang from an argument we had about the usefulness of books vs. e-readers. I am firmly on the side of the paper and pen. Also, a girl in French CANADIAN HISTORY was going out with a guy last year who lived out in Sooke. He used the school computers to type up assignments; otherwise, he used a typewriter. And apparently, this guy called her up once and asked if she had room in her fridge for a huge glass jar of unpasteurized milk, as he had "milked the cow this morning and didn't have time to bring it home."

My uncle sent me a list of sources for an essay, booyah. The THUGS society is starting up a new journal; if I polish this up enough, it may be publication-worthy. How cool would that be?

Listening to the Deep Dark Woods in preparation for Friday's bonanza, oooooohhhhhh yes. Smooooooth vooooooices...

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