Saturday, November 26, 2011

I know you know just what you like, and I am really not your thing.

That really sucks Chez. Basically sounds like nature and you aren't so much getting along up there. There is a shit ton of bugs in my house, that's about the extent of my argument with "nature."
As I am mildly obsessive I just assembled all of the titles of books that I want to read/ have been recommended to me. I figured out that at the rate that I am reading (approx. two books a month) I will finish all of the books on this list in 12.5 years. Talk about long term plan. Means I can't make my own book decisions until I am 32. But think of the books that will be added to the list in the meantime...
Anyway. Listening to a band called Kisses, which I think is a stupid name for a band but they make peppy music, which is alright.
Downtown there are carolers and horse drawn buggies, and a parade for St.Nick tonight. Just waiting on the snow, Oh Great Sky God. You know what to do.  

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