Sunday, October 16, 2011

You peeling potatoes while we sonic alligators making records like we smoking crack, now.

Was supposed to go climb a montagne but my body got in the way. So I'm lying on the floor of my room, thinking about how good this weather would be if I could only be IN it. A womb's gotta do what a womb's gotta do.
Last night I was in a terrible mood so I went to Bretts house and we carved pumpkins, drank beer and watched Arnold Schwarzaneggar movies in front of the crackling fireplace. You would not Believe the amount of jokes that started with "I thought I saw you in the pumpkin patch earlier M but it was just..."  Signature Saturday afternoon. Tip though:  don't watch Predator then try to find your way home through a shortcut in the forest.
Another tip: if you are not paying for heat the oven also works. Learned those from by friends in the 'burbs.
Also overheard this guy on the bus saying that he is getting $1000 a month in disability cheques. Looked fine to me.
Can I just say that I am working AND going to school (which I still can't afford) and waiting desperately on a student loan and this jackass beside me just moved downtown because he is just ROLLING in his disability cheques.
I'm ready to occupy or something.
Last tip: do not brag about your new found wealth on public transport. This ginger ninja will find you.

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