Sunday, October 16, 2011

i'm sitting ontop of the washer.

seriously, I am. Today was a sunday of days. my daily fellowship included jehovah witnesses  at my doortstep. it was cold. I wasn't wearing a bra and inside my head I wondered if they really cared. It's always the same guy too who stops by at least once a month, ernie. This Indonesian-dutch old man with a story that always related to the magazines he brought for me. and if i don't answer the door, he asks for me. unconditional love right there.
I peeled 20 pounds of tomatos today. the acidic juices ran down the sides of my arms, forming a puddle on the white tile floor, while assuring me there was this constant burning itch. allergies i guess. I blanched, peeled, chopped and am going to reduce the mess for some down home loving tomato puree. my dreams of becoming an intalian grandmother is coming true before my very eyes. it's like when no one would believe that they would see a black president, and then bam! before our verryy eyes.

marimba meeting tonight was a bust, but more of a hilarious one. though we did all descide that we would potentially go to hornby next weekend and enjoy the outdoor education center, while potentially doing a photoshoot. i like that idea. + carmanagh invited me over sometime this week to eat and work on the coverletters for the presskit. new best friends whaattttt (just joking) it's just nice to hang out with girls i like. who arnt bitches, but good friends.  other then that, nothing new. daily update updated. 

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