Thursday, October 20, 2011

you never did come in

Typical around this place: put your bowl of cereal down for 20 seconds and when you pick it up again there's a hairball in it. And the hair isn't yours. Looking up Killam Undergrauate Fellowships for Canadians. Gonna try and go study down South for a semester, if you know what I mean. Thinking about it anyway.
Made the mistake of sticking my thumb in a doorhinge last night. 3 guesses on the colour of the nail. Actually I don't even know what coulour you would call that... Puce? (get it Frenchies?)
Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
Anyway. Learnt about an artist today (surprise!) who did performance pieces in which she read to unclaimed bodies of women at the local morgue. And filmed the process. Which makes her sound like a creep so I shall explain.
AHemmmm hem.
In Thailand and other countries in South East Asia there is a text called the Inaow which is read at all (Buddhist) 'funeral' services for the benefit of the dead as much as for the living. The idea being that even though this text is not religious at all it somehow encourages the spirit of the newly dead to move on to the next realm. It is a process of letting go. Not sure if you've heard, but Thailand also has what could be called a... Rampant Sex-Trade problem. So this artist, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook has entered the morgue of the city in which she lives and there and then performed these so-called 'last rites' for the bodies of women who have been unclaimed by families, by lovers or friends because their sole purpose in life was not to have these attachments, but to have holes into which things could be poked. And she films this and brings the images out to the galleries of posh Europeans who see only a spooky video of a small Thai girl reading in a quiet melodic foreign tongue in an echoing chamber with only a corpse for companion and can leave fealing both spooked and strangely at peace.
Don't say this is disgusting. That is insulting your own intelligence.

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