Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a fickle friend we have

today I saw a man with a shit wedding dress over his jeans and tshirt tied to a light post, laughing his head off. I saw 3 pairs of leiderhosen tossed onto 3 beds. I saw ten or more new looking tents clustered around a tree in the rain. I saw a girl in a white poncho trying to use it as a combined jacket/ hood. I saw the beacon of the new Discovery Coffee in James Bay beckoning through the still dark morning, telling me I needed a coffee. Made soaking wet pants almost worth it. I saw the sun come out for a brief 30 minutes while I dragged a dog around the block. Got invited to another Bachelor auction- this time for frisbee players. Finally learned what a POLEMIC paper is. Saw this in National Geographic a while ago. James Nizan)
I was recommended the Kooks new album by a man easily in his 50s, said it was "a phenomenal recording." Looking it up, after the R3-30. Recieved a lecture on selling amps in Victoria. Learned that the word "dank" has replaced the word "sick" in superlatives. As in
"M, just made the dankest eggs"- Jake, Marketa's kid
" dank good or bad?"- M, no longer a kid

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