Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Can Look Alive If You Want To.

Not really sure why I'm writing so much. Maybe I have a lot to say?
Lesson on Caillebotte:
painted the 'Floorscrapers', which you like, in 1875, two years before his most famous work 'Rue de Paris, temps de pluie'
He fell into the Impressionist grouping by definition but stylistically he is a Realist. Plus he was rich.Thing about this one is that since Caillebotte was an engineer this whole work is mathematically arranged. Apparently the whole scene depends on a couple o' formulas. Critics hated this because you can't actually see the rain.
Anarchists hated it because it completely ignores the fact that 6 years previous Paris was a commune and people done got killed. This is about as un-politically subversive as art gets.
Today my boss made me eat huevos rancheros. And I found a five dollar bill in a pile of wet leaves at the intersection by the Blue Bridge. Almost fell off my bike trying to pick it up.  

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