Sunday, October 30, 2011

Que la bonté et l'amour vous accompagne au plaisir de vous lire.

Some boy from Algeria just finished a letter with that written to me. I thought it was beautiful in my hungover self at this exact moment in time. not even hungover though, just clear headed with a touch of a ache.

I need a shower, fresh fruit and some water. All are too far from me at this exact moment in time. i woke up early and finished a book- like i knew i would. I brought that magazine that you gave to me  for my birthday last year and read through half of it.

I found a new favorite painting, this is it:
Gustave Cailletbotte, floor scrapers.

ps, mortimer, your writting toooooooooooo much. its nice though, it's like a short quick story to read. 

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