Friday, October 28, 2011

This is Post-War Blues

Just realized.We are one of the first generations in a while without a war to fight. I refuse to count the war on "terror." Or military aid.
Do you think that maybe Bush created that war to feel like he did Good, his father had the Gulf War, Bush II's gotta have his own hobby.
I'm in a hella-theoretical "our generation" discussion mood. Last night I went to Atmonic Vaudville and drank several pitchers of beer, talked for hours afterward about what we need to do to create inspiration within the apathetic artists of "our generation."
HOW CAN ART EVER BE CONSIDERED A HOBBY??? ( a lot of the time). I hate that word. It implies that you really enjoy doing something but you are too afraid/ uninspired to actually focus on it. Like "yeah Bob's a banker but he sure likes his little photography hobby." Bob should quit his fucking job, set up a dark room, and do what he loves, the asshole. And you know that no artist leans on their elbow and remembers those days as a kid when he was so good at banking... why didn't he pursue that?
How many people do you know who are truly amazing at something they do maybe sometimes if they have spare time. I hereby declare that it is required that you acknowledge what you are good at, and go from there.
Society (I'm saying it) has imbued this fear in us to try and make it on our own, with our ideas. "Life's not worth living unless you're sure to make it through," hey Dan Mangan??
Maybe I'm just on a high of people asking me my opinion and then listening to the answer. I'm so used to being over-riden by someone else breaking in to talk about diving, about marine life, about MLA format. (to use earlier yesterday afternoon as an example. Try to explain to a group of people about Javanese traditional shadow puppetry and somehow that's a segue back to science)
"I'm ambitious, when giving up"
Dan Mangan can be the soundtrack to my life, ay.

Do something for me today,ok? Today tell someone about an idea you had. Could be a dream, could be a story you invented, could be school related for all I care.
And write it in the comments below, please. I'm feeling bossy today. Best/most interesting/ original/ well thought out/ grammatically correct answer (also known as, chosen randomly) will recieve a mixed CD from yours truly. I'm serious. I want discussion.


l.vinnedge said...

I'm down for a mixed CD.
Let's put this out there. That's great that Bob has a photography 'hobby', but what if he has a morgage to pay and kids to support? A hard fact of life is that it's important to make MONEY, and striking out on your own is a scary thing.
So here's an idea. What if, at a University level, you have to take a pretty even mix of classes that you want to take and classes that are randomly chosen from different disiplines? I realize that would be tough in some cases (like music and acting), but it might help to even out this huge disconnect between the sciences and the arts, ect.
I know High School is supposed to do this, but, let's face it, who leaves High School prepared for Uni?

Emma & Sarah said...

I want a mixed cd too.

My ideals are just focused on low income and affordable housing lately, and how that exactly could work with me being included. political? architectural? where would i stand in the midst of all that?

happy halloween <3