Wednesday, October 26, 2011

so my parents had me, to the disgust of the prostitutes.

Clearly I was not in my right mind yesterday. I apoligize.
Had tea with Zoe today. She said that the history of art is essentially social history, and that anyone studying it who hadn't figured it out yet (directly, the PhD student standing in for our prof today, who seemed to be complete moron) probably never would. We went on to make fun of just plain history majors (sorry Laur), namely the types who wear polo shirts tucked into their khakis and running shoes for every occaison, just in case.
Went to a Tourism Victoria mixer at Darcy's pub this evening. The four of us from Marketa's sat in a dark corner and gossiped while everyone around us made important business contacts. Occaisionally flagging down the waitresses who brought us unlimited free drinks and sliders. Needless to say I got a little tipsy. The one person I did have a conversation with that I didn't know already was this guy named Michael who is the director of Madrona gallery. Trust my luck that the one person who comes crashing into the seat next to me with a handful of pizza had a degree in what I was doing and was right and willing to discuss the profs of the program and all that shit. He gave me a flyer for an opening of
"Contemporary North: Drawings from Cape Dorset" on Nov.5. Didn't get a chance to finish the conversation though, this woman from Vic Events Center came nosing in, gushing about how his wife always makes him the BEST TIES OH MY GOD. I did learn that fall and spring are the busiest times for art galleries... hm.
What else did I learn today? oh yeah!
So you've probably heard of what in the late 19th and early 20th century people/doctors were calling "hysteria"in women: stress and symptoms like flushed cheeks and fainting spells and all that fun stuff. So these women would go to the doctor to get treated for hysteria and GUESS WHAT? The doctors would give them an orgasm. No joke. It was not considered "sexual" even, as long as there was no penetration. This is how the dildo emerged. The dildo was not even considered a sexual item, it just made the doctor's job easier. Anyway I guess people started to figure it out and someone put a dildo in a porno in the 20s so they had to stop the "satisfaction" going on at the MD's.
Friend of mine is taking the History of Sexuality. This whole story is directly taken from a book called O: the intimate history of the orgasm by Jonathan Margolis. Amazon, thinks this book is great.

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