Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm only posting here, because everyone else did.

I'm exploding from lady cramps right now. I'm contemplating taking a potential bath at some point during this over-cast day, but the thought about water waste, and the fact I had a shower last night is something weighing down on the action it self. Most probably I won't have a bath tonight, but tomorrow morning. Thanks guilt.

As a result, I've been trying to ignore the fact that the exploding pain is exploding and keep my mind busy. I've done some serious work , ranging from cutting wood and stacking and then creating a  fire pit down at the beach, and making it look pretty with some stacked driftwood to the side- maybe my stoner brother will have some use to it. I've done some paperwork for my mother-dearest so,and now I'm thinking about whether i should finish my math review booklet in the next couple days (why not?) and potentially getting the last couple letters and mail them all off while participating in a coffee date later this afternoon. I've also cleaned the rabbits cage. You know vinegar dissolves calcium residue? It's a fun fact, true, but I know it won't help with a bleeding finger, or fatigue.

In between everything, I'm been reading a cook book. Oh have I been reading. It's been my procrastination of the day. The book is called " cookbook of the seven seas" and it's basically a story of recipes to go along this couples adventures. The couple to the right is Peter and Dagmar Freuchen. Peter being this dannish explorer, exploring the northern, cold landscapes. During his lifetime he had three wives. First one being an inuit woman, she died, and his dannish church refused to burry her because of religious reasons, so he was forced to do so himself. Because of that relationship, he later became the grandfather of the first inuk in canada to be elected as MP.

 Second wife didn't work out, and then he married a fashion expert, Dagmar. Match made in heaven I guess. Point is, I just had to tell you guys about this man because I was impressed with him.  I like his stance and the way he lived his life. 

I want to make a big batch of these for you two. Semla Semla Semla! I'm pretty sure they would put a smile and a cure to fatigue. They are cardamon buns, insides dug out, and filled with a filling that consists of the old  bread crumbs, almond paste and more. They are then packed to the brim with whipped cream and covered in powdered sugar. I think in the land where they are from (denmark, sweden, germany and more...) that it's customary to eat it in a bowl of milk. Either way it looks delicious and I plan on making it super soon. Maybe even tomorrow. I'll tell ye how thee turns out.

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