Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If I do not get ahold of some tweezers soon, I will have eyebrows resembling the top left photograph

My fingers will not turn out the words needed to complete this paper, I have been on the same paragraph for an hour. Maybe a quick, effortless blog post will be the ticket to overcoming this essay block.

Today I doodled my way through a History of Science lecture, and the desks were far too close. The rather tall, bulky guy next to me seemed to think it was fine to rest his lanky arms on my writing space, and sigh a lot and jiggle his feet up and down. I began drawing angry, frowning people underneath dark thunderclouds, but I don't think that he got the message.

Sarah, that is the bear sculpture that was at camp! Isn't it wonderful? There are also pictures of doorways to nowhere that she set up in the street, and a nest created out of old tires with a sign urging people to "Please Sit in the Artwork". I believe she studied in an art school in Paris.

Tonight will be a library night, I can feel it in the air. 

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