Sunday, September 18, 2011

We need to lack the cold toes.

I need a lack of cold toes. My knees are sore. My eye lids are itchy. This room represents something I want right now. Something warm ,  inviting and clean. You know how cold and dirty my own room is right now? Very. Maybe I should make some tea, do some cleaning. 

Tonight I went to band practice. Nothing much happened. I was actually really bored near the end and wished I secretly brought a book to read. I'm actually reading a couple of them right now, but I think the one I would have brought with me would have been... Danger! Do not Shake the Coconut Tree, by Murray Laidlaw. Turns out this guy is a local author, and the only reason I know this, is because in the introduction he talks about Qualicum Beach.

How weird is that though? Qualicum beach. They found this tree at the end of this gravel road, and that is how the entire chapters starts out. "Although a maple, it looked like a coconut and in the fall when it shed it;s leaves, it actually shed its branches as well,  by frost, winds and the assistance of a handsaw." Cute huh? I have a feeling its going to be one of those books where it's going to be a bunch of short stories that somehow connect to themselves in the end for a grand finale. I hate it though that it;s become a theme in movies to do that. Valentines Day sucked balls.

Anyways, tonight, I'm leaving you with a personal bit of my mental being right now and a rap song. The bit of mental being is that I'm really grateful that I can have just pure laughs and not feel like a idiot when I'm talking to c-man kurosh (which is apparently how it should be right?). The rap song is from a duo in vancouver, listen to number 7, it's my favorite.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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