Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are always on the edge of something bigger than...

Meant to be reading about OBJECTS and HISTORY of what we called AMERICAN INDIANS in 2006. Instead I am browsing the interweb.
(Andrew Young, Vancouver)
They painted our front door black. I am waiting for some symbol of witchcraft to follow.
No news really. Weant to see Matt and the Muellers last night. Was rewarded with two extra members of the household. One with fake redhair and a Lithuanian accent, the other with a broken heart and a complete lack of propriety that leads him to leave his undies in the middle of other people's living rooms.
Night before I drank and drew with one friend and about nine strangers: the subject moved from batman to Blue Buck to sheep etc etc.
Purchased two disposible cameras and came home to find another one lewdly splayed on my bed.
Currently feeling the anxiety that I relate to expressing by opinion outloud in a circle oriented classroom.

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