Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are illness buddies

I, also, have a stuffy nose and a headache and a mild fever and a throat that feels as if it has taken on an itchy, scratchy, fiery life of its own, so you have my complete sympathy.

I have so many socks on the floor right now, and two 5-page papers due on Tuesday that I haven't really done anything on yet, ahem. However, a long, hot bubble bath has dispelled some of these anxieties, especially when coupled with the excellent mushroom ravioli that was on the eating out menu tonight. Yum.

Do you guys shave your legs every week, or, even worse, every day? I was just thinking today, man, what a colossal waste of time this is. I could be composing poetry right now, or raising money for charity, or doing the dishes, or inspiring young people.

Bad news on the tour-guide-and-take-an-irresponsible-semester-off front, I'll letcha know the details when it is worked out further. Allll the details...

Memma, 'irrefutable' is so a word. It is an ADJECTIVE, and refers to something that is IMPOSSIBLE to DENY or DISPROVE. For example, the existence of this word.

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