Thursday, September 29, 2011

post 615, connecting old dots - feelin' sick while doing so.

I'm here, feeling down and sick. I've been making sure there is a roll of tissue paper close by. My nose is suffering. I've tried comforting it with lotions and cold items. My face burns.

So here i am, unable to keep my mind on something constant. I decided to look through pictures. I found this picture of a neat bed. Really neat actually. The mattress was set into the floor, and the white blanket covers it all. I've always been attracted to the pure white blanket/duvet. It was like a treat I only ever got in a hotel room. I'm too cheap to even consider buying something like that brand new, nor active enough to go out into the fabric community to find the materials to be the handy-dandy mistress to make one myself. So it will be forever a dream. 

This bed.
That all being said. I really like the design it offers. Especially in my romantic fantasies. I like the mental picture of the two of us laying down in that bed. Add an extra abundance of pillows, maybe a "side table" a couple inches in height on each side, giving the left side an extra foot away from the window and underneath the window a bookshelf. Because that room is way to bare for me. It;s cold . I wonder if snow is waiting for the next person who steps outside.

I wonder who creates something like this? It reminds me of a sonic bed. It was free-spirited Graeme who suggested we all hit this art gallery up to witness it. It was about two weeks before we were leaving to head up to our placement up north. 
The bed was basically a bed. But underneath there was speakers, around your head there was speakers, and in the corners of the room, even more speakers.  It was a experience where every inch of you was listening to the music. It was fucked up music too. But cool none the less. The art gallery it was featured in made me think of someplace that you mortimer, would work. A really neat place. You had to walk up flights of stairs. It wasn't really an art gallery though. It seemed to have everything. Just the room the bed was shown in had some depth... here, check this out : . Point is, the bed reminded me of a bed.  Oh and the day we saw the sonic bed, I saw this lovely artsy film in the room over about a cat, decomposing in water. This is the artist, with some more of his work, . Creepy vibe.

Anyways, last weekend was the first weekend I brought hard alcohol to a party. Morning after we played 5 hours of marimba and made mostly american cash. I wish our dollar was higher right now. I also have a new penpal from the same place robin hood roamed. Nottinghamshire.And she lives right up the road from sherwood forest. She sounds like a funny girl. anyways, I don't know what else to write. Take careeeeeeeeeeee!!!!@

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