Sunday, August 21, 2011

SInking in the Sand

Hey. Just drove Tyson out to Sydney in a land cruiser with open alcohol, sweet potato chips, boobie jokes and two Muellers. That's too much meat for me.
Also Lady Gaga. There is a fine line between ironic "appreciation" and real life enjoyment of terrible techno remixes to terrible songs. Also, have you heard the Rianna [sic] song where she talks about whips and chains?? This is a tad too much for me.
Anyway it was nice to drive out of the city, in a car full of men. I've been spending a lot of time with girlies lately. What I needed was testosterone, wrestling and innuendos. I got all of these things and a pretty nice sunset over Elk Lake. And Russian paratrooper goggles. Perfect for leaning out the window at high speeds.
Was at Zoe's house last night. She named her fighting fish "Scrambles the Death Dealer." I feel like there must me another world in which I could come up with names like that and be confident in announcing them to the world.
Been looking up grad schools too. So far its LA and Toronto. Not sure if I could live in Los Angeles. I mean, could you?
Reading: The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (great writing! Man, I haven't been this into a book since... Nikolski?)
This has been stuck in my head fo evah evah

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