Monday, August 22, 2011

brother stole my ipod. I'm stuck to listening to hypem and cbc3 all da time.

Hey good looking(s). That's really funny that you guys did the entire Sydney thing only today. I saw Matt with the lovely lady in waiting, jocelyn/ at the brimm tonight while doing the oh-so impressive meeting with the two lovely ladies about the TOUR 20112. He couldn't believe that I already knew about what he did with the victoria kids including tyson, and then he got fussy at me because I mentioned his "rural" new homecomings, he doesn't think it's so rural. I blamed you, because that;s where my information came from. But whatever, his smile was big, and I'm still jealous he did the Alaskan adventure. Maybe I'll do it too one day.

So tonight the meeting for tour 2012. We talked about applications and cds and some smaller details, but I have a feeling alot more is going to come as we work on it. the applications sound a bit daunting (it includes either the cd/demo cd, cover letters, pictures and so on and so forth...) but it weirdly sounds fun at the same time.  I think once I see the press release it will make alot more sense about what we are doing. We talked about perfecting pictures and camping during the thing and the possibilities of buying a mini school bus as the tour bus! That sounds so gnarly. I don't even know if that's even how you spell that word, I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever used it.

Anyways, the night ended nice with carmanagh driving me home and the sky being so pretty. If carmanagh ever reads the blog, thanks for the ride!

ps laura, I got your letter in the middle of last week, but I saw no point trying to force down a letter in the postal system to see if it could get you quick enough. So you get the reply whenever I return your rabbit.

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