Monday, August 8, 2011

seriously, too many hours.

This past weekend was long. It started 8 am Friday morning and didn't end until 8 last night. It included roughly 10 sets of marimba, hot sun and trips to the mainland.   The weekends food source included a bunch of free food, too much pizza, samosas, market berries, stomach sickening ferry french fries and this adorable huge heart shaped sprinkle sugar cookie and london fog dog god.

I swear though, there wasn't enough sleep at times and then waking up sunday morning to take the 830 out nearly killed me. But can I thank the gods for the great weather? Especially for our first "big concert" (harmony arts in  west van). It was in a crazy beautiful location and there was a violin trio that played before us with a young adorable goodlooking guy. He was basically like the canadian version of alexander rybak, but with less ego and a better back story ( he broke his...upper arms skiing and fighting off bears), can I say I have a little celebrity crush? Listen to "Humerus Breakdown" All Carmanagh and I could think about was how neat it would be if we could actually properly dance to this music, big 18th century dress included.
We also went to this persian market and I found these gigantic breads Cyrus kept talking about. It's like naan, but no lie, maybe 2 and a half feet long? The boys had to make the point that you could easily make a suit of armor out of the bread. Or at least sleeves.
The day ended with us parking at a funeral home and hitting up dairy queen.

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