Monday, August 8, 2011

it's real.

Finally got around to seeing Midnight in Paris last night. $2.75 for the nine o'clock showing. Everyone who works at Cinecenta is a writing student, you really have to watch your mouth.
"I wonder if Woody Allen likes Edith Piaf" sighs the boy whimsically as he handed Zoe her popcorn. Whatever.
We talked about Rapid Thigh Motions, the name of her running team, and my consistent hot-air-brain when it comes to art trivia. Like that time that those tourists sat around gushing about some sculptor at the Met that I had never even heard of.
So today I ran to the library (not literally, jeez) and got out a book about "The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism" after that I will read one about the "First American Avant-Garde" and then I will get back to you. After too much time spent in the stacks with cross eyes I skipped over to the much loved  noodle joint for a box of salmon pesto which I ate in the orchard of an old convent down by the bay.
Quote for the day: "In this bitch of a life, you can never be too well armed" -Edouard Manet.
Look how much I am learning already.

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