Monday, August 29, 2011

Got 99 Problems but a Bitch Ain't One

Got home at 2:00ish. PURGED my room of all the useless accumulated fliers from over the years. I literally have a Paris subway map left from my highschool trip. Because that will often come in handy. 
Victoria is same old. Got stared down by a guy on a bike with a fancy hairdo and rolled up jeans. Got a funny earache from swimming in the sea (?) Got a lecture (number 23) from my mother about getting my teeth cleaned. Got a minor thrill when I discovered this morning that my childhood self had horded away Out of Africa for the reading pleasure of my present day self. Got a chocolate craving that will only be satisfied by something hard and black. 
Watched Jane Eyre last night with my parents. Had difficulty keeping my eyes open, especially when my dad gave up and began to snore desperately. I missed the whole middle section, but I did have a short interlude dream about sherbet. (The American way of saying sorbet- I learned this from a snooty guy on a plan headed to NY) Also yesterday- had weird daydreams while swimming in the ocean where the rich people live in QB. I was imagining that the water was actually those pieces of flowy blue fabric they use in theater to simulate water, and that I was flying between them. I think I might have been a sea otter in a previous life. Not only am I drop dead Cute, I can't seem to do much besides roll around in the waves, floating on my back.
Thinking of hitting up the Fringe play God is a Scottish Drag Queen, although it is at 9 and my eyes are already wandering in the general direction of my pillow.
For those concerned, Glibert was doing better last I saw him. he can put weight on his leg even if it is still bent out. 
Boz Scaggs remains my dirty pleasure.
Seeking out a location for a secret morning meeting. Preferably with coffee.

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