Monday, July 11, 2011

There Will Be Snacks

Wooooooeeeee. Wrote two long letters today. Gotta send them off tomorrow. Also received a few things in the mail: LAURA. I love all of it.
Anyway. Not a whole lot new around these parts. Got swindled into going to the "Pride" fest yesterday afternoon by my boss and this other girl I work with. Apparently that automatically calls for wearing neon coloured wigs (mine was pink). As we were trying them on in the kitchen this German boy travelling with his parents wandered in, stared at us for a bit, then wandered out. Saw a drag queen singing the drag version of "Red Neck Woman" as sung by that annoying woman. (Let me hear a big HEEEEeeeeeeeeeey! from the drag  queen girls like me) Also saw Will there, decked out in his most professional pinks, sipping a Sleemans in the beer garden.
I've been staying up too late lately and my brain is starting to crumble as a result. Tonight: hot chocolate and movies in bed.

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