Friday, July 8, 2011

That's dj mehdi's wife uknow?

I'm mostly posting this picture as introduction, because I was strolling through, looking for something impressive to find to add class to this blog and I came across this. It's either mehdi's wife, "fafi" ( some supermodel turned graffi artist within the ed banger circle) or some girl who is desperatly trying to be her. Either way it comes down to two things, first! this and looks really nice, and shorts like that is just cutting it way too close to the bum. The shoes make it worst.

Anyways the last week went by fast, we did marimba at the market and then the lovely city of parksville was throwing a movie bash and the movie Rio was playing, it was cute and I got to eat some really good taco pizza during it. Bad band news though, apparently the harddrive that held the many hours of us recording was dropped and everyone is in chaos. Good news though! The band has a bio on the harmony arts festival! sweet balls! Take care girls!

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