Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's coming down.

Yup it's raining. And the tourists are holding me directly responsible. Yesterday a table of six (3 couples) made best friends over breakfast. It was really nice to see. They were literally laughing so loud that we couldn't hear each other in the kitchen. Usually it goes the other way.
I just washed dishes for an hour. My hands are unrecognizable.
And tomorrow I am starting a liver cleanse that is "bound to change my life." It's just because lately I've been sluggish and zitty and we all know what that is about. So if I am on here whinging about carrot juice snacks and my desperate needs for slices of chocolate cake you are welcome to barge in here and give me a good ol' punch in the kisser. I'm so super serious. I hate it when people complain about things that they are doing to themselves. Also I hate it when tourists take pictures of our war memorials, especially if they were on the other side of the war, Just Plain Stupid. I don't go downtown a lot.
  I left my library card at the library yesterday. I have to go get it. Also thinking of getting a haircut. Since my hair is getting in the way of my lifestyle.
Shark. I think this is a better  house for your way of life. Har dee har har

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