Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'll be lucky if I last five days.

Listening to Battles. Laying half under my bed. Had the most spirit caving day at work today. Imagine making and serving 24 grumpy foreigners breakfast with one other person. No minions to serve the coffee and butter the toast. Imagine if one of these was a new mother who expected you to clean out her breast-milk sippy cup for her. And put this in the microwave for 66 seconds only, please. And how come OUR room doesn't have a towel rack. Ok rant out of the way, positive time.
I convinced Brett last night that he should be an architect. Makes sense really. Puts all of his skills to use. And now he can stop bemoaning the waste of his talents. I made breakfast like a race car driver this morning. My fingers a-flying like some mad breakfast ninja, like I was pulling that shit out of my pockets. And Kat and Sabo are both back, the estrogen is a flowing baby.  

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